but it’s not right to make policies all over Seoul. 장미꽃

Whose son Ahn Cheol-soo > a regime change in order to establish a bridgehead. In a word, I'd like to say that. I made a decision because many people said that if the opposition party loses the Seoul mayoral by-election, everything will be crossed. And for the past 10 years, Seoul has actually been the same in terms of incompetence and hypocrisy. In particular, if the former mayor commits sex crimes, the second victim is committed, and the Democratic Party of Korea forcibly changes the constitutional party constitution and forces it to run, and if we don't judge it, shouldn't we prevent this from happening again in our country? That's why I decided to run.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung > He said that yesterday. Since you were preparing for the presidential election, you said you wouldn't do that to the question, "Are you quitting your job in the middle of the mayor's office?"

Whose son Ahn Cheol-soo > Yes, it is. So I'm continuing to announce my five-year commitments.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung > By any chance, can this statement change depending on the situation?

Whose son Ahn Cheol-soo > not. First of all, if my role is elected as mayor, I can make innovative corrections and change this way if citizens are responsible for the opposition party. I'm trying to make you feel it. Then I think that's my role to help change the regime.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung > "If you take the mayor's office, you will never resign from the post, and that will never change." Let's make some promises. We will make Seoul a global economic city. In the meantime, he said, "I made Seoul, a gray city, because I was biased toward Jinyoung's logic." I know it's Jinyoung's logic in politics, but what is Jinyoung's logic about cities? I was a little curious.

Whose son Ahn Cheol-soo >, your hobby and some personal or political purposes the city I write stuff like that.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung > What is it like to use for personal hobbies?

Whose son Ahn Cheol-soo > a very important to Seoulites are actually big things, rather than what is your favorite little things the hard one. There are a lot of government officials who work too hard or commit suicide. That's what I know. Isn't the representative urban regeneration project? I visited the Changshin Urban Regeneration Project site on January 1st. It is such an underdeveloped and old residential area that it needs reconstruction and redevelopment.

Uidang-myeon Ahn Cheol-soo's candidacy for mayor of Seoul National, the Sajik Zone II, Jongno-gu, Seoul, November 17, afternoon looking for urban redevelopment of Seoul citizens an urgent need to change housing at the scene of a check.to exist 2021.01.17 Korea Enterprise Foundation
Uidang-myeon Ahn Cheol-soo's candidacy for mayor of Seoul National, the Sajik Zone II, Jongno-gu, Seoul, November 17, afternoon looking for urban redevelopment of Seoul citizens an urgent need to change housing at the scene of a check.to exist 2021.01.17 Korea Enterprise Foundation
◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Are you talking about Changshin-dong, near Changshin-dong?

Whose son Ahn Cheol-soo > Yes, Changsin-dong, as well.Ma did a lot of things like coloring and murals in a house with a roof that collapsed even though there were safety problems and fire trucks couldn't get in the fire. I think those things are the most wrong.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung > It is not desirable to change the city to only build buildings and apartments that are too uniform. I think Mayor Park Won-soon's high value was to preserve the traditional character of a city by keeping the old things intact, do you think that's not true?

Whose son Ahn Cheol-soo > a value of that, too. What I'm saying is that some parts of Seoul are the areas that Mayor Park talked about. Another area is a residential facility that is so old that there are areas where people can't live without new construction and it's unstable. So we have to put forward policies that reflect the location conditions of the area and the opinions of the residents living there, but it's not right to make policies all over Seoul.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung ◇ Seoul's real estate policy. All candidates have pledged to solve the real estate problem. CEO Ahn also announced that he will build a total of 746,000 households within 5 years. Some point out, "Isn't it a little bit unrealistic.

Whose son Ahn Cheol-soo Moon Jae-in government announcement? not housing now > He said he would do 320,000 units in Seoul on February 4th. On August 4th last year, we talked about 360,000th issue. That's what I did. That's already 680,000 units, plus more public rental housing. So what I'm saying now is that if you look at the government's plans, the government is proving that this is possible.







30세암보험 암보험조회암보험비교몰


암수술보험 암보험가격비교사이트 암보험조회 DB비갱신암보험암보험비교몰


암입원일당 고액암일반암 대장암진단비 원금보장암보험암보험비교몰


실비암보험 3대암보험 일반암이란 고액암이란 소액암종류암보험비교몰


암보장 암보험홈쇼핑 메리츠암보험 3대암보험 암보험가입방법암보험비교몰


암보험부담보 ALA암보험 일반암진단비 암보험비교사이트암보험비교몰


메트라이프암보험 현대암보험 푸르덴셜암보험 에이스암보험 비교사이트암보험비교몰


암보험생활비 메트라이프암보험 7대고액암 비갱신보험암보험비교몰


암보험저렴 암보험면책기간 10대고액암 암보험비교사이트추천암보험비교몰


소멸성암보험 4대암보험 손해보험암 무해지환급형암보험암보험비교몰


환급되는암보험 암보험싼곳 암보험비교사이트순위암보험비교몰


암보험비교사이트순위 암손해보험 대장점막내암보험암보험비교몰






유사암보험 암보험비교사이트추천 소액암암보험비교몰


암진단보험금 암보험입원비 암보험가입연령 10년갱신암보험암보험비교몰


좋은암보험 중복보장암보험 암보험가입금액 무해지환급형보험암보험비교몰


고액암의종류 우체국평생암보험 암진단비높은보험암보험비교몰


소멸형암보험 유방암암보험암보험비교몰


비갱신 암보험무해지환급형 중대한암 암보험환급암보험비교몰


암보험가입선물 암보험개시일 암진단금1억암보험비교몰


손보사암보험 암보험114 암보험가입선물 암보험개시일암보험비교몰


암보험일시납 암보험재발 암보험적용 생활비받는보험암보험비교몰


암보험보장기간 암보험소멸성 암보험일반암 암보험어디가좋은가요암보험비교몰


올커버암치료보험 암보험들어야하나 암보험무배당 암보험만기환급금암보험비교몰


암보험지급률 암보험필요한가 암보험혜택 올바른암보험암보험비교몰






2차암보험 재진단암 제자리암보험 암보험필요성암보험비교몰


두번주는암보험 무배당집중보장암보험 1만원대암보험암보험비교몰


홈쇼핑보험 암보험납입기간 암보험고지의무암보험비교몰


암보험나이 암보험진단비 암보험중복가입 암보험비갱신형가입순위암보험비교몰


유병자 유병력자 암보험 당뇨고혈압암보험암보험비교몰








5대고액암 20년납100세만기 암보험1위암보험비교몰




더케이암보험 암보험만기암보험비교몰


생활비보장암보험 환급암보험 암보험보장성 홈쇼핑메리츠암보험암보험비교몰


고액암특약 5대고액치료비암진단비 암보장금액암보험비교몰






암보험보장내역 암보험보장개시일 보험암 암보험상품암보험비교몰








암재발보험 암보험환급금 갑상선암암보험 암보험기간암보험비교몰


암보험얼마 100세만기 암보험비교견적사이트암보험비교몰






암보험비갱신형보험료 암보험수술비 다이렉트암보험비교사이트암보험비교몰




진단비높은암보험 갱신암보험 암보험사추천암보험비교몰


70세암보험 부모님암보험 실버암보험암보험비교몰


고액암진단비 암보험특약 간편암보험 진단비높은암보험암보험비교몰




암건강보험 100세보장암보험 암보험특약 고액암진단비암보험비교몰


100세비갱신암보험 암보험계산 암입원비 대장암보험금암보험비교몰


암보험가입시유의사항 암보험비갱신형순위 일반암암보험비교몰


1만원암보험 암보험가입시주의사항 암보험가입한도암보험비교몰


추천암보험 암보험100세만기 종합암보험암보험비교몰




유방암진단비 유방암수술비 방광암보험 암보험회사암보험비교몰


암진단보험 암보험갱신형 비갱신형 암보험금액암보험비교몰




암보험인터넷가입 암보험비교견적 암진단보험암보험비교몰


암보험좋은곳 보험갱신비갱신 슈퍼암보험 암보험비용암보험비교몰


온라인암보험 암보험비갱신형비교 암보험실비암보험비교몰




암보험순위 20대여자암보험 5대암보험 암치료비용암보험비교몰


암보험순위 30대여자암보험 5대암보험 암치료비용암보험비교몰


암보험순위 40대여자암보험 5대암보험 암치료비용암보험비교몰


암보험순위 50대여자암보험 5대암보험 암치료비용암보험비교몰


암보험순위 50대남자암보험 5대암보험 암치료비용암보험비교몰


암보험순위 30대남자암보험 5대암보험 암치료비용암보험비교몰


암보험순위 40대남자암보험 5대암보험 암치료비용암보험비교몰


갑상선암진단비 암수술비 순수암보험 생명사암보험암보험비교몰


무배당암보험 암보험중복보장 대장암보험 유방암보장암보험비교몰


가족암보험 3만원대암보험 암수술비보험 남성암보험암보험비교몰


가족암보험 3만원대암보험 암수술비보험 여성암보험암보험비교몰


암보험만기환급 암진단비중복 암보험견적 암보험저렴한곳암보험비교몰


손해보험암보험 50대암보험추천 재발암보험암보험비교몰


손해보험암보험 40대암보험추천 재발암보험암보험비교몰


손해보험암보험 30대암보험추천 재발암보험암보험비교몰


손해보험암보험 20대암보험추천 재발암보험암보험비교몰


비갱신형암보험가입순위 1억암보험 고액암 암보험비암보험비교몰


비갱신순수보장형암보험 암보험환급형 암보험중복 무갱신암보험암보험비교몰


비갱신형암보험가입순위 암보험만원 마을금고암보험 순수보장형암보험암보험비교몰


갱신형암보험추천 비갱신형암보험비교사이트 환급되는보험 보험상담사은품암보험비교몰


유방암보험 손해보험사암보험 암보장보험 암보험사은품암보험비교몰


보장성암보험 암보험설계 암보험진단금 암보험1억암보험비교몰


메리츠비갱신 암보험료 만기환급암보험 다이렉트암암보험비교몰


메리츠비갱신형 생활비암보험 암치료비보험 만원대암보험암보험비교몰


메리츠암보험비갱신 위암보험 생활비주는암보험 암보험만기환급형암보험비교몰


메리츠암보험비갱신형 홈쇼핑암보험 소액암보험암보험비교몰


암보험비갱신형가격 메리츠화재비갱신 암보험료암보험비교몰


비갱신암보험비교사이트 비갱신암보험순위 메리츠화재비갱신형암보험비교몰


비갱신형암보험순위 암생명보험 만원암보험암보험비교몰


100세암보험 30세암보험 갑상선암보험 저렴한암보험암보험비교몰


100세암보험 40세암보험 갑상선암보험 저렴한암보험암보험비교몰


100세암보험 50세암보험 갑상선암보험 저렴한암보험암보험비교몰


암보험가격비교 암보험한도 암보험100세암보험비교몰


남성암보험추천 암보험가격비교 암다이렉트암보험비교몰


여성암보험추천 암보험가격비교 암다이렉트암보험비교몰


암보험보장내용 갱신형암보험 암보험갱신비갱신암보험비교몰


오르지않는암보험 암보험금 암종합보험 메리츠화재비갱신형암보험암보험비교몰


암보험순수보장형 암보험가입 메리츠비갱신암보험암보험비교몰


생활비받는암보험 암진단금 식도암보험암보험비교몰


재진단암보험 인터넷암보험 메리츠화재비갱신암보험암보험비교몰


여자암보험 구강암보험 암보험광고 암보험갱신형비갱신형암보험비교몰


남자암보험 구강암보험 암보험광고 암보험갱신형비갱신형암보험비교몰


인터넷가입암보험 암순위 암보험상담암보험비교몰


갱신없는암보험 50대암보험 암순위암보험비교몰


비갱신암보험비교 60세암보험 생명암보험 갱신없는암보험암보험비교몰


암보험가입절차 만기환급형암보험 100세만기비갱신암보험암보험비교몰


장애인암보험 장애인암보험 유병력자암보험 간편심사암보험암보험비교몰


암보험가입시 생명보험암보험 암보험가입순위암보험비교몰


참좋은암보험 인기암보험 암진단비보험 암보험가격암보험비교몰


내년암보험 생명보험사암보험 비갱신암보험가입순위 암보험가입나이암보험비교몰


암사망보험 갑상선암비용 암진단비비교 암보험비갱신형추천암보험비교몰


40대암보험 암보험료계산 암보험보험료 암보험비갱신암보험비교몰


암보험가입조건 여성암보험 30대암보험암보험비교몰


암보험가입조건 남성암보험 30대암보험암보험비교몰


다이렉트암보험가입 비갱신암보험추천 암진단금보험암보험비교몰


여자암보험추천 다이렉트암보험가입 비갱신암보험추천암보험비교몰


남성암보험추천 환급형암보험 100세만기암보험암보험비교몰


암진단비 암다이렉트보험 비갱신형암보험추천 다이렉트비갱신형암보험암보험비교몰


다이렉트암보험비갱신형 계속주는암보험 비갱신다이렉트암보험암보험비교몰


다이렉트암보험비갱신 암보험감액기간 비갱신암보험다이렉트암보험비교몰


비갱신형다이렉트암보험 간편고지암보험 다이렉트비갱신암보험암보험비교몰


피부암보험 경계성종양 암보험생명보험 다이렉트암보험추천암보험비교몰










































◇ Kim Hyun-jung ◇ Do you think this February proposal from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is okay?

Whose son Ahn Cheol-soo and critical part to several >. There are a number of problems, such as not mentioning any of the various positions, or still doing so only in the public sector.Ma thinks the government talked about the possibility of reality. For your information, nine real estate experts in the economic magazine evaluated the policy as the most realistic and feasible policy among all candidates.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung > Then there are places where reconstruction apartments were severely regulated. Are all the places where the rust comes out and where it's not being built activated?

Whose son Ahn Cheol-soo >, About 400 locations, the target areas are now. Usually, when you think of redevelopment and reconstruction, you think of Gangnam, but in fact, there are about 300 places in Gangbuk and Gangseo. I've developed those places properly, and I'm living in Gangbuk right now.Ma believes that the balanced development of Gangnam and Gangbuk between the two Koreas is the direction of Seoul's future development.

◇ Candidate Kim Hyun-jung > Park Young-sun also made a real estate policy, and "I will build 300,000 public housing units, underground roads, and create a vertical garden near the space above them." 21 minutes. Compact city. That's what we should do. What do you think?

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