been summarized by President Cho Ik-shin. 장미꽃

Lee Myung-bak administration, local head of the. Justice Party, a lawmaker baejingyo the Lee Myung-bak administration unveiled a 'surveillance document'. The NIS also used the expression "left-leaning" and "pro-North Korea" to the heads of opposition local governments in its report. On the other hand, counter-attacking Kim Dae-jung government wiretapping that even when the took people's power. The related contents have been summarized by President Cho Ik-shin.


<Pro-North Korea, Left-wing> NIS inspection documents are released."Illegal eavesdropping in DJ, Park Ji-won's lie."

Lee Myung-bak administration were suspicions that he had done the 'illegal surveillance'. Bae Jin-kyo of the Justice Party, who was the head of Namdong-gu, Incheon at the time, disclosed the inspection documents. It is a report titled 'The Status and Considerations of Opposition Heads of Local Government's Interference in State Administration'. I selected the main keywords, and the words ideological first, left-leaning, pro-North Korea, and national identity are noticeable. I can guess what the National Intelligence Service thought about watching the heads of opposition local governments.

The National Intelligence Service also prepared separate reports for each head of local governments. The content is very trivial. This is the report on lawmaker Bae Jin-kyo. It is written that a large number of "pro-North Korean" figures were hired, and that a former member of the Korean Teachers and Educational Workers' Union invited a "pro-North Korean" figure as an instructor. It may have been an anti-aircraft investigation to catch a "spy." It's a district chief elected by Incheon Namdong-gu residents.

[Bae Jin-kyo / Justice Party] The rationale for pro-North Korea is absurd. It's ridiculous to call someone pro-North Korea when it comes to coloring people according to their past history.]

It's not the NIS after the inspection. The report also contains a detailed action plan. The government, the ruling party, and the government should mobilize all available means, and each department has assigned a role. The Ministry of Public Administration and Security tightened the purse strings, and the Board of Audit and Inspection ordered the money spent. We prepared a public opinion contest. He also argued that public criticism should be created with the cooperation of sound media and conservative groups. I know the conservative group, but I wonder what the sound media is. I'll leave this part to your imagination.

The measures contained in the report. It is not confirmed whether it was actually implemented. We need to investigate. The Democratic Party of Korea once again vowed to thoroughly investigate the truth, saying it was shocking to see some of the published inspection documents alone. The people are protesting it as a political maneuver, but they dismissed it as a proverb.

[Kim Tae-yeon/Democratic Party floor leader: Calling a political factory under the pretext of an election is a shameful behavior of a farted man. Ahead of the election, we cannot cover up serious criminal activities that violate people's basic rights and democracy.]

The power of the people did not remain still. You've been very angry. Park Jie-won, a direct hit, saying there are illegal surveillance while Kim Dae-jung government. He seems to have considered the body of the so-called "political maneuvering" to be Park.

[ bangminsik and former lawmaker : Kim Dae-jung's administration on the last information the National Assembly is, Park Jie-won is all there was no illegal wiretapping said. It's a clear lie. After entering the phone numbers of 1,800 key figures, Altura used surveillance equipment to monitor employees in three shifts, 24 hours a day. The NIS chief had an absolute lie, Park Jie-won of 12 years ago, citing the investigation of the Lee Myung-bak administration.]

Park Min-sik, a candidate for Busan mayor who is a sniper. Kim Dae-jung government from the chief counsel, who starred in the probe into illegal wiretapping of the National Intelligence Service. Two former NIS chiefs, Lim Dong-won and Shin Gun, were arrested and charged. The two were sentenced to three years in prison and four years of probation after the trial. The people's power also countered by saying, "Let's disclose all illegal inspection documents of the NIS."

[ hataegyeong and secretary the power of the National Assembly`s Intelligence Committee : dj and illegal surveillance in Roh Moo-hyun administration is the responsibility of the power, but there is no government power and the illegal surveillance is Park Geun-hye and Lee Myung-bak.I had autonomy. It is a political maneuver to tell a lie that is different from the reality. If anyone is confirmed to have been illegally inspected for 60 years since the establishment of the National Intelligence Service in the past 60 years, we will give them all if they apply, so we will support them so that they can apply and receive them.]

The Democratic Party of Korea said that the power of the people is watering down.

개인회생항소회생 파산 비용


파산신고절차회생 파산 비용


개인회생신청방법회생 파산 비용


개인회생추천회생 파산 비용


개인파산상담회생 파산 비용


개인회생전문변호사회생 파산 비용


개인회생전문회생 파산 비용


무료개인회생회생 파산 비용


파산무료상담회생 파산 비용


개인파산변호사회생 파산 비용


개인회생변호사수임료회생 파산 비용


개인파산신청비용회생 파산 비용


개인회생신용회복회생 파산 비용


개인파산신청방법회생 파산 비용


개인파산신청서류회생 파산 비용


개인회생파산면책회생 파산 비용


회생과파산회생 파산 비용


개인파산선고회생 파산 비용


파산신청서회생 파산 비용


파산보호신청회생 파산 비용


개인회생수임료회생 파산 비용


개인회생재신청회생 파산 비용


개인파산면책회생 파산 비용


개인회생방법회생 파산 비용


개인파산조건회생 파산 비용


파산면책회생 파산 비용


개인파산절차회생 파산 비용


개인회생소급회생 파산 비용


개인파산비용회생 파산 비용


개인파산무료상담회생 파산 비용


신용회복회생 파산 비용


개인파산신청회생 파산 비용


파산신청서류회생 파산 비용


개인파산면책서류회생 파산 비용


파산수임료회생 파산 비용


파산신청자격회생 파산 비용


개인회생무료상담회생 파산 비용


개인파산장점회생 파산 비용


개인회생절차회생 파산 비용


개인회생자격회생 파산 비용


개인회생절차회생 파산 비용


개인회생신청비용회생 파산 비용


파산신청회생 파산 비용


개인회생비용회생 파산 비용


개인회생신청회생 파산 비용


회생상담회생 파산 비용


개인회생상담회생 파산 비용


개인회생변호사회생 파산 비용


개인회생변호사회생 파산 비용


개인회생문의회생 파산 비용


회생면책회생 파산 비용


회생변제금회생 파산 비용


개인파산신청기간회생 파산 비용


개인파산소요기간회생 파산 비용


개인회생사유회생 파산 비용


개인파산신청자격회생 파산 비용


개인회생법률사무소회생 파산 비용







저축은행대환대출회생 파산 비용


농협대환대출회생 파산 비용


정부지원 대환대출회생 파산 비용


국민은행 대환대출회생 파산 비용


알기쉬운개인회생제도신청의모든것회생 파산 비용


기초생활수급자개인회생회생 파산 비용


기초생활수급자파산신청회생 파산 비용


장애인파산신청회생 파산 비용


장애인개인파산회생 파산 비용


개인회생신청자격회생 파산 비용


신용회복위원회채무조정회생 파산 비용


신용회복위원회개인회생회생 파산 비용


코로나개인회생회생 파산 비용


개인회생기간단축회생 파산 비용


개인회생파산회생 파산 비용


개인회생배우자회생 파산 비용


이혼후개인회생회생 파산 비용


부부개인회생회생 파산 비용


개인신용회복제도회생 파산 비용


채무탕감회생 파산 비용


개인회생변호사비용회생 파산 비용


개인파산수임료회생 파산 비용


개인회생파산신청회생 파산 비용


개인회생파산종합지원센터회생 파산 비용


개인회생파산비용회생 파산 비용


개인회생무료법률상담센터회생 파산 비용


채무조정필요비율회생 파산 비용


채무조정제도회생 파산 비용


사전채무조정회생 파산 비용


연체전채무조정회생 파산 비용


개인파산면책후회생 파산 비용


주식빚개인회생회생 파산 비용


토토빚개인회생회생 파산 비용


토토개인회생회생 파산 비용


도박개인회생회생 파산 비용


개인회생면책신청서회생 파산 비용


개인회생면책결정회생 파산 비용


개인회생재신청회생 파산 비용


개인회생기각사유회생 파산 비용


개인회생조건 회생 파산 비용


개인회생자격 회생 파산 비용


파산신청자격 회생 파산 비용


개인파산신고 회생 파산 비용


개인파산신청방법 회생 파산 비용


일용직개인회생 회생 파산 비용


개인사업자개인회생 회생 파산 비용


자영업자개인회생 회생 파산 비용


파산신청금액 회생 파산 비용


파산신청비용 회생 파산 비용


개인회생비용저렴한곳 회생 파산 비용


개인회생비용분납 회생 파산 비용


개인회생비용 회생 파산 비용


직장인개인회생 회생 파산 비용


공무원개인회생 회생 파산 비용


의사개인회생 회생 파산 비용


카드론연체 회생 파산 비용


학자금대출연체 회생 파산 비용


카드대금연체 회생 파산 비용


카드빚탈출하기 회생 파산 비용


코로나 카드값 회생 파산 비용


카드값 한달 연체 회생 파산 비용


신용카드 연체기간 회생 파산 비용


신용카드 연체기간 회생 파산 비용


개인회생통장압류 회생 파산 비용


개인회생최저생계비 회생 파산 비용


신용카드연체시 회생 파산 비용


신용불량자회복방법회생 파산 비용


신용불량자회복회생 파산 비용

































롯데하우머치다이렉트자동차보험 다이렉트자동차보험




















삼성화재 다이렉트 자동차보험다이렉트자동차보험






















































































[Kang Sun-woo/Democratic Party spokesman: The power of the people is only driven to political strife without apology and reflection at a time when allegations of illegal inspections by the National Intelligence Service of the MB government are being revealed to be true. Moon Jae-in, Roh Moo-hyun administration toward the president 'We can give off sparks' by unfounded warning after. Don't cover the sky with your palm. We know better than anyone else that it's not a problem that can be moved on to understanding trends.]

Regardless of the ruling and opposition parties, I was also hit by the "inspection me too."

[Lee Seok-hyun/Jeon (CBS's Kim Hyun-jung's News Show): Sometimes my cell phone loses sensitivity and during the 18th National Assembly, there are times when I hear strange noises, so I used a pay phone because I was suspicious. Even in the cold winter, he suspected that he would not use a cell phone or a parliamentary phone, and that he would use a pay phone.]

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