comprehensive decision on these things. 장미꽃

◆ Jung Sye-kyun ◆ That's what we're reviewing. It also reflects the opinions of experts. We've been fighting Corona for the past year, haven't we? We have some know-how now. Based on this, the challenge is how to take care of the people's livelihoods and quarantine them well. In particular, the economy has to rebound, so we can't do it at the expense of quarantine, but we take care of it. But the important thing about prevention is that the number of confirmed people is important, but maintaining the medical system is very important. And the acceptance of the people is important. I've been working on it for the past month, thinking that it's necessary to make a comprehensive decision on these things.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung ◇ I see. I think you decided that the result of the work would be better in terms of sustainable level 3 simplification than level 5.

◆ Jung Sye-kyun > Yes, it is.





춘천개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

원주개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

강릉개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

속초개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

동해개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

삼척개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

철원개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

원주개인파산 개인회생 파산 신용회복

춘천개인파산 개인회생 파산 신용회복

◇ Kim Hyun-jung > Another concept is 'social bubble'. Please see if I understand. If you're seeing each other every day, even 10 people can be safe. If you're seeing each other for the first time, it's dangerous to meet one on one. But we're banning meetings for more than 5 people. Is this right?

◆ Jung Sye-kyun > That's not my time to reveal yet. In fact, contact is dangerous even between family members. So until this corona stabilizes, it's the same whether it's a familiar or unknown relationship to reduce contact if possible. Because I don't know where Corona is hiding. He's spreading it without knowing it, so it's better to minimize close contact until Corona stabilizes.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung > Yesterday, reporters wrote articles about the quarantine authorities, and today's major media outlets all wrote. He used the concept of social bubbles to say, "In the case of seeing each other every day, we can increase the number of meetings. We can adjust it." Isn't that a definite decision?

◆ Jeong Sye-kyun ◆ No, I'll go over that. But it's not decided yet. And the number of confirmed people isn't going to decrease that much today. Yesterday's numbers are coming out this morning. Of course, I've already received it. So basically, we need to change the rules. But for the details, it's time to look at the situation and think about when to implement it.

◇ In fact, Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun, who will be announced in a few hours this morning, has no choice but to respond quickly to this situation. It changes every day. It is also the first direction that the ban on collection of more than five people could be eased on the premise of that, but are you saying that you don't know when this will be?

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