Let’s give him a round of applause. 장미꽃

◇ Kim Hyun-jung ◇ Battle. Oh, 1:1 tournament.

◆ Kim Ye-ri > Yes.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung ◇ That' Oh, the term "fight" is… (laughing)

◆ Kim Ye-ri ◆ Fighting. Closer to each other.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung ◇ If you win, you can go up. Oh, like a tournament. Everyone, if you dance well, you'll get 3rd place in the world competition. I'm sure you're wondering if she's practicing for the Olympic gold medal. Actually, it's not good right now.YERI said that it's possible. So we prepared some. First of all, thank you. Could you show us a demonstration so that we can get a glimpse of the line that is not dangerous?

◆ Yeah, so it's 8:39 a.m., when I never dance…

◇ Kim Hyun-jung > Oh, like singers can't warm up in the morning.(laughs)

◆ Kim Ye-ri > Yes. Since it's very nocturnal, we don't dance unless there's a performance.(laughs)

◇ Kim Hyun-jung > We'll take it into consideration. Let's take a seat here. You can check out Yeri's skills through Rainbow and YouTube. This way. We marked the floor with tape. Around here. You didn't prepare any music today. He's demonstrating. For those who are listening to the radio, should I explain this in words? Let's give him a round of applause.

(Dance demonstration)

You're doing a headspin, and you're doing a headspin. Wow, I've seen a lot of videos. I've never seen a headspin like this before, so I'm a bit surprised.

◆ Kim Ye-ri > This is a bit different from headspin. Let me explain. Through Go Down technique. Through footwork, I was able to connect with Rainbow technology. Swipes. I can say it in terms of Hayler Track.

대전개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

대전개인회생전문 개인회생 파산 신용회복

대전개인파산 개인회생 파산 신용회복

세종시개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

천안개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

당진개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

아산개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

서산개인회생​ 개인회생 파산 신용회복

​논산개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

공주개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

홍성개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

보령개인회생 개인회생 파산 신용회복

◇ Kim Hyun-jung > I don't understand what you're saying.(laughs)

◆ Kim Ye-ri > First of all, it's not a headspin.

◇ Anyway, you did a good job. Are you out of breath?

◆ Kim Ye-ri > It's okay.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung ◇ Are you okay? That's cool. Considering that this isn't a good place to dance, you have to watch it. Nevertheless, you showed this much skill. So, how brilliant would this person's dance be in a well-organized stadium? I can imagine if the breaking would be flashy. How long do we have to practice to dance this much?

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